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Monthly offers from phone Companies​

Phone companies get you to sign up for hundreds of dollars per month plans and promise they'll get you prominently placed. The problem is that it's only on their ONE website which is small in comparison to the many major search engines available. They don't know your market or your needs

Heritage Consulting GEO SEO specialists know your specific needs and how to maximize your online marketing at a fraction of the cost.

The Yellow Page Books - Pricey Contracts​

Outdated and no longer effective for most businesses and still VERY expensive, not to mention they sell to your competitors once you're locked into their huge monthly fees. More than ever you need a service specialist that works for you.

Heritage Consulting's GEO SEO service costs much less and is much more effective. In other words, it's the perfect solution to your local placement within your market​


The typical complaint from first time users of pay-per-click advertising is that they spend a fortune without getting the return expected. PPC can be effective when managed properly but does not offer an “all-in-one solution”.​

Heritage Consulting's organic search engine and GEO SEO optimization will ensure your hotel gets maximum exposure at a substantial saving to you. Platinum Package includes PPC management.