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Is your hotel ​​on Garmin, Tom Tom...?

GPS Listing for your Hotel​
If your business is a hotel and it's not listed as a “Point of Interest” in your GPS, travelers are not seeing you and you're missing out potential revenue. Guests travel the way you do. When travelers decide to stop for the night they're using their GPS to find conveniently located hotels. They go to “Points of Interest” to make that decision. If your hotel is not listed, you lose.

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Services offered by Heritage Consulting

  • Potent, high-value links Local search optimization
  • Targeted, substantive content Convertible, Geo-targeted listings
  • Influential link partners Regionally specific keywords
  • Increased brand visibility

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Most websites use SEO​ SEM and GEO SEO​ is "the way to go" to be regionally specific to ​YOUR ​hotel!​

Stop chasing Page Ranking​ on search engines, since it may not even be possible in your market. Instead of spending months and thousands of dollars trying to achieve the improbable, let Heritage Consulting increase your revenue in just a few short weeks.

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Expert Solutions by Heritage Consulting

  • Geographical Search Engine Optimization
  • Claiming GEO Convertible Sites
  • Deep Link Building
  • Local Search Engine Optimization
  • Proven Marketing Solutions for Hotels
  • ‹Working with Market Manager for Placement and Positioning
  • Social Media -Twitter • Facebook
  • Mobile Marketing Solutions
  • On going Localized search engine optimization
  • Inward links with SEO plus SEM (White Hat)
  • Google Analytic review
  • Various TRADE SECRET 3rd party online advertising vehicles
  • Online press releases
  • Listing information to the data providers for the GPS industry
  • IGoogle Maps / Places development & management

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