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Revenue Management


Bronze Package

Directory Submission, National Search Engines, Local Search Engines, Claim GEO SEO Controvertible Sites

Once you have it all; a sleek website, a neat web design, and yet the traffic and ranking are still not coming your way, it’s time to reassess your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methodologies.

Heritage Consulting will link your website to all major National and Local websites, as well as claim the 30 to 100 additional targeted GEO SEO sites that can promote your business in your area.​

$600.00 per site

Sales Management

Heritage Consulting has partnered with JYI Hospitality to bring you an unparalleled sales management program.

We will teach you how to take room nights away from the competition. Provide you with all the tools needed and direct your sales team. You will also get unparalleled feedback on a daily basis. You will know exactly what your sales team is working on today, tomorrow, and in the future with action dates and decision contact information. Should you lose a sales person no more starting over from scratch.

JYI Hospitality

Gold Package

Directory Submission, Link Building, Mobile App, GPS submission Monthly maintenance

Local SEM services have become a 'must' element for any business, especially hotels, as they specify geographic location. More and more consumers now going online, this is the time to integrate Local SEM. Most web browsers are opened to mobile markets for online consumers to search for products on the go.

Have you adopted this new internet marketing strategy? Our Local Search SEO, GEO SEO, SEM experts, has designed services to cater to the specific needs of our clients. As one of the leading internet solutions firms, we know that various websites target different markets in varied locations. Therefore, the SEO needs of each website are also different. ​

Heritage Consulting tailor-makes Local GEO SEO packages for each project it undertakes.

Heritage Consulting Local Search Engines Optimizations services include: Organic Search Optimization, Map Search Optimization, Convertible GEO Targeted website that promotes your business in your area.

Setup $600.00 with monthly maintenance $400.00 per month

National Billboard Package

Replace your Billboard: Save money and increase revenue with GPS Listing, Custom Twitter and Facebook page

Social Media is here to stay and Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare are all powerful tools to reach the buying public. There is even free advertising! We will design a custom site you can be proud of and get your business listed as a "point of interest" with the data providers to the GPS industry.

Silver Package

Directory Submission, National Search Engines, Local Search Engines, Claim GEO SEO Controvertible Sites, Deep Link Building SEM Marketing

This is another essential component of your website's visibility that depicts what will be displayed in search results. It’s based on the amount of relevant, high quality links directed to your website. ​​

Heritage Consulting utilizes an array of methods to acquire these links to enhance your ranking and eventually place your site on top of search engines results. ​

The more sites, locations, people, articles, and other results that link to your page, the more significant it becomes to its subject matter; thereby making you more visible, and making your "page rank" higher.

$800.00 per site

Platinum Package

Everything included in the Gold Package Plus we will manage your Pay Per Click Ad and Create a Custom Twitter and Facebook page

You will still need to pay for the cost of the advertising with the PPC directory. Heritage Consulting will design your ad and adjust it for maximum impact. Twitter is one of the most powerful sale tools available to any Director of Sales. We'll make yours a great one.

Setup $600.00 monthly maintenance $500.00 per month